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How to maintain the excavator

Sep 05,/2022

For those who drive an excavator, most of the time is accompanied by it, and the excavator has become a part of their life.
Then you need to be better to this partner, after all, you need to rely on it to work and live.We have a wide range of excavators, such as fashion trend crawler hydraulic excavator and china famous brand LONKING hydraulic excavator,etc.
If people want to prolong the service life of the excavator, they need to maintain the excavator regularly. Only when the maintenance is done, the excavator can work better.
So how exactly is it maintained?
1. Daily maintenance
The excavator is maintained on a daily basis. Example: Checking and adjusting track back tension: Checking
Check the liquid level of the front window washer fluid: Check and clean the air filter element: Check and adjust the excavator air conditioner: Clean the floor in the cab:
When cleaning or changing coolant, park the excavator on level ground: Check and tighten the track shoe screwsbolts; cleaning the interior of the cooling system, adjusting the bucket clearance of the excavator, etc.For example, the cheap agricultural equipment hydraulic excavators in China can follow this routine maintenance.
2. Inspection before engine start
When the excavator is about to start construction, it is also necessary to check before starting the engine, such as checking the cooling
liquid level (add water), check whether the air filter element is blocked, check the oil level of the excavator engine, Check the hydraulic oil level (add hydraulic oil), check the excavator fuel level (add fuel), check whether the horn is normal, Check the lubrication of the bucket, check the water and sediment in the oil-water separator, etc.
3. Maintenance required every 100 hours
Normally, the excavator also needs to be maintained every 100 hours, such as: boom, stick connecting pin, boom cylinder cylinder head pin, stick cylinder cylinder head pin,
Bucket cylinder rod end, bucket cylinder head pin, bucket cylinder rod end, check the oil level in the slewing mechanism box, etc.
4. Maintenance items every 250 hours
The maintenance items carried out include: inspection of the oil level (adding gear oil) in the final transmission case of the excavator, fan skin
Belt tension inspection, air conditioning compressor belt tension inspection, battery electrolyte inspection,
Replacement of the oil in the engine oil pan and replacement of the engine filter element.
5. Maintenance items every 500 hours
Maintenance items include: replacement of excavator fuel filter, inspection and cleaning of excavator radiator fins, inspection ports
The height of the pinion grease (add grease), oil cooler fins and cooler fins, hydraulic oil filter
Replacement of the core, change the oil in the final drive case (only for the first time at 500 hours, and after 1000 hours times), clean the air filter elements inside and outside the excavator air conditioner system, and replace the hydraulic oil vent filter element.