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More than 100 XCMG mixers went to Chengdu, China

Jul 16,/2022

Chengdu in May, construction is busy, XUGong in May, ready to start.

Recently, more than 100 XCMG concrete mixer trucks arrived in Chengdu, China, to help with infrastructure construction. In the streets of Chengdu, the busy figure of XCMG mixer can be seen everywhere.


The structure of the jacket is optimized, the design of the cylinder body is optimized, the weight of the vehicle is reduced by 8%, and 10% concrete can be pulled in each trip.

The application of high strength wear-resisting sheet and surfacing welding wear-resisting strip blade can effectively improve the service life of mixing truck, improve the operation efficiency of equipment, and the cylinder can be 300,000 kilometers and 7000 tanks without overhaul.


Adopt engine power adaptive technology, adjust engine speed in real time, reduce comprehensive fuel consumption by 5%, save money and durable.

With outstanding technical advantages and efficient post-market services, XUGong Concrete Machinery has won numerous praises and public praise and become the first choice for infrastructure construction in China and even the world.