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More Than 300 XCMG Excavators Are Popular In North America!

Jun 09,/2022

Recently, more than 300 custom-made excavators, ranging from 1.5 tons to 49 tons, were lined up to board the giant ship and sail to North America, one of the most economically developed regions in the world. We will assist in local infrastructure development.

The strong export resilience of China’s construction machinery manufacturing industry is further demonstrated.

As a representative of the global high-end market, North America has extremely stringent access standards for excavators. Based on customer demand, XCMG has customized design for excavators exported this time. U series products are equipped with environmentally friendly engines that meet the North American Tier 4F emission requirements. Personalized and differentiated products continue to win high recognition from customers.

In Louisville, Kentucky, the XE35U is favored by customers because of its agile posture. The small body contains high energy, which is especially suitable for urban and tight space operations.

In Auburn, Washington, on the West Coast of the United States, the XE210U is competing with local brands to build roads in the town. Customer praise, naturally inseparable from the excellent performance of the product. XE210U is equipped with Cummins high-power engine and 1.2m³ large capacity bucket, which greatly improves operating efficiency. Enhanced lower frame and excellent counterweight clearance, so that the equipment can easily cope with various construction conditions.

Strong power system and reliable hydraulic system are important factors to ensure full attendance of equipment. Meanwhile, XCMG overseas service engineers are stationed day and night to provide timely and efficient technical support for the 24-hour continuous operation of the equipment.

Focusing on the construction of a new development pattern, XCMG adheres to the main strategy of internationalization, stands firm in the high-end market with high-tech products and high-quality services, and speeds up the cultivation of world-class brands with international influence.