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Sany New Energy Heavy Truck/tractor Sales Jumped To The First Place In April

Jun 15,/2022

Entering the year of 2022, Sany New energy heavy truck is advancing rapidly. According to the latest insurance data, from January to April this year, sany New energy heavy card sold 767 vehicles, up 3735% year on year, and its market share increased by about 10 points compared with the same period last year, leading the market in terms of growth.


In April, Sany New energy heavy card sold 267 units, surpassing the second place by 101 units, ranking first in the market monthly sales.


In terms of models, Sany new energy tractor became the terminal sales champion with 167 registered units, accounting for 26.26% of the market. Since then, Sany has won the monthly “double champion” of new energy heavy truck and new energy tractor.


The rise in sales volume is inseparable from the support of high-quality products. The strong comprehensive strength of products makes Sany electric heavy truck highly recognized by the market, and its sales continue to lead the market.


With the advantages of strong power, high reliability, low energy consumption and long endurance, sany new energy heavy trucks have been delivered in batches so far.


In steel, coal, sand, port, building materials, electrochemical and urban connections and other subdivision conditions show strong adaptability, to create greater value for customers.